Second week in a row and we were on the road again! Both amazing weather and we don’t have to assemble the goals again = a win already. The girls were ready for Shine, a local derby (maybe?) as they’re just down the road. I genuinely will have to record footage of all games from now on if the girls keep up with these high scoring games, I can’t keep up! I can’t remember every single goal but will go through the memorable ones.

Tom and I opted for a very attacking formation this game. We had Abbie in goal which isn’t very attacking but there’s nothing getting past her! On a serious note another clean sheet, another game with amazing distribution, composer on and off the ball and that confidence from our captain flows through the team. We then saw Anna and Eleanor start in defence, they didn’t put a foot wrong the whole match and contributed massively to the clean sheet. Both stepped up when they needed to and kept that high line. We had Poppy take a more deep-lying/defensive midfielder role and I’m not sure if it was actually Poppy on the pitch or Keira Walsh, picking up the ball, looking for the gaps and having loads of shots. Out wide this week we had Tianna and Bonnie again. They have a scary amount of pace and I think the Shine defenders will have nightmares for a couple of days. We saw Sophie back from injury and illness, it was great to have her back and see the energy she gives to the team. Leading the line we had a partnership of Evie and Zoe. What a combination, composed, making runs all day and confident to run into space. Our impact players were Lois, Rosie and (for her first ever league debut) Valeria. They were ready and itching to go on.

We dominated from the start. I think Poppy enjoyed the pitch which was bigger than last week, she thrived with the space and Shine could not stop her and gave her too much time on the ball (which we all know is dangerous). Tianna and Bonnie kept the width really well and therefore had so much space to run into. Sophie, Evie and Zoe were keeping the 3 Shine defenders occupied and had opportunity to break the deadlock at the start. We saw Zoe bag the first goal, we did tell her it will come, she received it in the box and slotted it in with a composed finish. Not too long after Evie (back from her climbing competition and, thank goodness, not injured) bagged the second, also a confident finish and rifled it past the Shine keeper who couldn’t do anything about it. After 10 minutes we had all our impact players come on. Valeria slotting in on the left, Rosie in the attacking midfielder role and Lois with Eleanor in defence. This is the goal I have to mention. I said in my last match report, I said Rosie will get a goal and here it came into fruition. Rosie receiving the ball in the box like most of our goals in this game and had no other thought on her mind but making sure the ball was in the back of the net and that’s exactly what happened. Great goal and hopefully we will see Rosie on the scoresheet more often! She has been working so hard and playing in multiple positions for the team and she deserved that one. Valeria also came on and put in a shift for the team. Running constantly up and down and never letting the Shine players have a second on the ball. For her first competitive league game she did superb. It was also wonderful to see Sophie get a goal. Despite the set-backs over the past few weeks, shes already off and running, I’m sure she will keep it up! We saw Tianna on the score sheet again and she had many more chances where she probably knows she could’ve bagged a couple more. But it was another great goal and it doesn’t seem like she will stop anytime soon! Still leading the U12’s golden boot with 6 goals so far in 4 games. During the game we saw Poppy always picking the ball up on the edge of the Shine box with no defender insight and narrowly missing that goal. But it didn’t take her long to hit the back of the net, after just 15 minutes she got that well deserved goal, great finish and nice to see after constantly working hard for her team! This is the part I talk about honourable mentions such as Eleanor’s spell in midfield, she worked so hard and I know she’ll get a goal soon. She gives 100% for the team, never gives up and will play where ever she is needed. Then we have Anna, who was promised a spell in midfield by me and Tom. We saw her on the right wing and wow the pace some of these girls have is scary. Constantly, running down the line and crossing the ball into the box, which lead to Zoe’s 2nd goal of the game. Furthermore, Bonnie constantly putting in that hard work everywhere on the pitch, running past their players with ease and getting crosses into the box, she was unfortunate not to come away with a goal. Finally, Lois conducting everything from the back and what a versatile player she is. Picking out passes and switching the play to relieve pressure and never letting Shine have a rest. She was breaking up the play, creating chance and shooting from long range but unfortunately it wasn’t going into the back of the net today, but she will get many more opportunities this season. It ended in a convincing win for the U12s. 3 wins in the league so far and lets keep it up!

This week Star Player was Rosie! Always happy to play anywhere on the pitch and most of all getting that goal she deserved for her performances in the last couple of games. Like I said before hopefully it’s the start of many more for Rosie. We are on the road again next week for the GFA County Cup against Longwell Green Lynxes. Hopefully, we will see everyone on Wednesday!